Troubleshooting FAQS

To “reset” the machine find your external back-up battery and plug it into the back up battery port below the handle on lower lefthand side of the machine. Count to 5 and unplug the back-up battery. This flips the power supply from the internal battery to the external battery and back to the internal battery, thus resetting the machine. (note the external battery must be charged for this procedure to work).

There is nothing that can be done in the office. The machine will need to be sent in to have the control board replaced.

This swelling is to be expected toward the end of the life of your battery. If your battery is swelling it is most likely time to replace your battery.

Depending on the amount of damage there are 3 solutions to the broken door issue:
1) Replace battery door assembly. If the door is the only part that is broken, and the hinge pin is still in place a new door will do the trick. ($ 90.00 includes installation)
2) Battery door hinge pin epoxy. If the housing is damaged where the door hinge pin inserts into the housing, we can repair the housing with 2 part epoxy without replacing the housing. ($ 55.00 service fee)
3) Replace front, rear or both plastic housing and door. This is the most extensive repair (complete housing $ 450.00 includes service)

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